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spring has come to Zed
and from across the galaxy, the bold and the desperate
seek out this strange and haunted world
and the Witch that dwells there
in the hope that they may come away with
some precious fragment of knowledge or power before Zed’s erratic orbit plunges it back
into dead and frozen darkness

Petitioners of Zed is a tabletop mini-rpg that includes:

  • Ten playable alien species, from the amorphous Annealites to the six-winged Nesiri to the resilient Humans, adrift without a homeworld.
  • A vast and trackless alien swamp, filled with beasts, spirits, and the broken dreams of those that have gone before.
  • An enigmatic Bog Witch, on whom you hang your deepest and more secret hopes.
  • A simple dice mechanic for resolving actions and fueling calamity.
  • A system for quickly generating haunted bog encounters.
  • A variety of Terrible Fates--few survive the terrors of Zed, but death is not the only end.
  • A 50-item table of lost artifacts, including unusual weapons, enigmatic tomes, and fermented delicacies.


Get this game and 7 more for $35.98 USD
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Originally published for Witch Jam, June-September 2020